Travis Irons Fondles His Balls

Who wants to watch Travis Irons spread his ass cheeks and fondle his ball sack?  Well if you do, then you are in luck with this set from Freshman X.   Travis pulls off his briefs and then turns to the camera and spreads his ass cheeks for you.  He is just inviting to get his ass pounded hard with a large firm cock.   No takers?  Well Travis wants to blow his load, so he is going to jerk off for you.

Travis Irons In Briefs

How fucking sexy is Travis in his Diesel briefs.   Those abs are fantastic, but its the large package in his briefs that has piqued my interest.

Travis Irons Ass

Travis turns to the camera and pulls down on his cock and ball sack.  Fuck I want to pound this guy so fucking badly.

Travis Irons Fondles Balls

With no guy in sight to fuck his ass, Travis Irons instead turns to pleasuring himself.   Slowly he strokes the shaft of his cock while he fondles his ball sack with his left hand.  By the end of the set, this sexy set of ripped abs will be covered in his own cum.

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  1. R.T says:

    I want you .. please
    I’m girl ..
    I love you .. just you not your cock
    believe me I love you so much

  2. christian P says:

    Meet me at Club Houston this Tuesday. 1/2 Price Rooms,
    Big cute crowds.
    Me and my buddy will arrive at Grandmas about 9pm.
    Hope you can get there for some fun play.

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