Travis Pulls Out Cock

Sexy gay adult star Travis Irons is horny and he wants to masturbate for you.   But first this ripped stud with a closely shaved head, wants to give you a slow strip tease and show off his abs.  By the end of this Freshman X set, Travis has his hard 8 inch cock in hand as he busts a massive nut all over his chest.

Travis Irons Abs

Travis pulls up his shirt and shows off his flat stomach.  He works hard to keep it tight and hard, so why not show it off.

Shirtless Travis Irons

Check out the abs on Travis as he sits back in his computer chair with his shirt off.   So damn yummy.

Travis Irons Pulls Out Cock

Travis is so horny now, he starts to pull down the front of his underwear and pulls out his cock.  What time is it?  It’s time to masturbate for you!   Slowly he starts to stroke his cock, picking up speed as his cock gets harder and harder, and then pop goes the weasel.

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Meet Travis Irons

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Travis Irons yet, then let me introduce you to the sexy stud.   You have have actually seen him before in such Lucas Entertainment films such as Return To Fire Island, Parts 1 & 2.   In those films he stared alongside such gorgeous guys as Ben Andrews, Jackson Wild, Luca Ciccone and Ryan Raz.

Travis has an 8 inch cock to go along with his 6′ tall body.  Follow Travis Irons on Twitter.

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Travis Masturbates In Office Chair

In this video featuring gay adult star Travis Irons, we find him sitting in his black leather office chair mid stroke.   Intent on busting his nutsack, Travis is lost in his own world right now.  I’d volunteer to jerk his large dick off if he’d let me!  By the end of the Freshman X video, Travis ends up jizzing all over himself with a massive load.

This sexy gay guy definitely knows the tricks to get his cock to blow on command.  Great dick control.

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Travis Irons Fondles His Balls

Who wants to watch Travis Irons spread his ass cheeks and fondle his ball sack?  Well if you do, then you are in luck with this set from Freshman X.   Travis pulls off his briefs and then turns to the camera and spreads his ass cheeks for you.  He is just inviting to get his ass pounded hard with a large firm cock.   No takers?  Well Travis wants to blow his load, so he is going to jerk off for you.

Travis Irons In Briefs

How fucking sexy is Travis in his Diesel briefs.   Those abs are fantastic, but its the large package in his briefs that has piqued my interest.

Travis Irons Ass

Travis turns to the camera and pulls down on his cock and ball sack.  Fuck I want to pound this guy so fucking badly.

Travis Irons Fondles Balls

With no guy in sight to fuck his ass, Travis Irons instead turns to pleasuring himself.   Slowly he strokes the shaft of his cock while he fondles his ball sack with his left hand.  By the end of the set, this sexy set of ripped abs will be covered in his own cum.

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Travis Rubs Large Cock

In this FLV video of gay porn star Travis Irons, we find him alone in a chair with his briefs still on.  He has his hand down his underwear rubbing his large cock.   Slowly his monster is growing and getting harder, which means we are just moments away from him ripping off the briefs and starting to jerk off.    Thanks goes to Freshman X for this excellent video of Travis Irons.

Travis is almost done teasing his cock, he wants to bust a nut stat.

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